Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Behind the scene shots

These four shots are of from the opening sequence from within the flat room. The first picture is of me filming the scene. The second shot is rahul sitting on the bed just after he realizes someone has arrived outside the flats. The third shot depicts rahul making the pile of crack cocaine with talcum powder. Lastly, the fourth shot is of rahul placing the old fashioned television on the table where its placed in the sequence.

I am really pleased with the location ( rahuls room) becuase it is almost exactly what we wated it to look like. Alot of weight was lifted of our chests as rahul had already owned and old fashioned television and radio with an aerial. We would have had to go to alot of hastle to get our hands on these objects. These objects were key in our opening sequence. Moreover, the room was nice and compact which made lighting easier as our source of light protruded throughout the whole room whereas it would not in a bigger room.

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