Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Inspirational Music

HORROR MUSIK by Park High Media

This is a track which i found on youtube which really grabs my attension. We are going to shoot scene of a serial killer which requires non diegetic sound to reflect his personality. The first 20 seconds of this video is what im interested in as it builds up in texture and volume. This section of the clip indicates suspense and tension. The effect i really like is the trumpet sound between 15-20 seconds. This very sound is used in lots of thriller/horror films and i would definetely want to employ this into our opening sequence.

Snehalsoundtrack ideas by Park High Media

This is another clip that i have found on youtube that grabs my attension. What i like about this track is that its dramatic and has certain jumps and cuts. These cuts are essential as they can show the characters actions and what he is doing. Within this clip from about 7-10 seconds, is exactly what im looking for, it builds up quickly and then takes a sudden drop and then carries on again. I would use this in our sequence to show a significant action/image.

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