Thursday, 15 December 2011

Target Audience Research - Audience profiles

When producing and marketing a film, it is really important to research your target audience. This audience can be responsible for feedback in terms of what the like or dislike about the chosen genre. This enables you to make something made fit to the target audience taking into account the feedback. By observing the chart below which i got from the pearl and dean website, we can see that 39% of the cinema audiences are aged between 15-24, which is within the range of our target audience. Secondly, in the gender collumn, we can see that males and females are almost the same in both the population and cinema audience, this shows that our target audience of males in terms of gender do go to the cinema and make an appropriate target audience.

 From this table of ratings for se7en from the IMDB website. We can clearly see that there is a heavier concentration of male ratings in comparison to females. This also fits in with our target audience as between the ages as of 18 and 29, the males dominated the females in terms of ratings.

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