Monday, 12 December 2011


Just as i have i have mentioned in previous posts, this shot from se7en is the most inspirational shot i have found. This is becuase we are shooting a crime thirller and we want the room we are going to film in to be scary and gloomy like this. The room is in a mess, it is very well lit in terms of making it scary. Whats really good about this shot is that it is dark and the light pretuding from the window and also given off from the lamp. This is something we are actually going to employ into our film. This use of light focuses the audience on that part of the room.

I have noticed that in Thriller films the shot composition is very important  as it can add mystery to certain characters or objects.The mystery aspect in thriller is very important as it keeps the audience guessing on whats going to happen, and also builds up tension within the scene. This is inspirational to me becuase in our film the antagonist  does certain things which builds up a mysterious element within our opening sequence.

The use of Focus as a camera technique is important and significant in a Thriller as it can add to the mystery and suspense of a certain scene. Here we see the of lack of focus has hidden the identity of the character, this adds to the intensity of the scene as we dont know who he is and what he is doing. This technique is going to be key in our film as we do not want to reveal our antagonists face so this shot will do exactly that.

The camera technique of close ups and using zoom is used commonly in Thriller films. By showing a close up of a person, object or place. At this moment the audience is in thought as they are wandering what this is and what links/significance it has in the film. Here we see in Se7en a close up of a person slicing the tips off  their fingertips. This is creepy and the audience wonders why is he doing this.

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