Thursday, 15 December 2011

BBFC Ratings

After viewing the BBFC website, we have come to a conclusion to rate our thriller as a 15. This means that nobody under he age of 15 can rent or buy media products given a rating of 15.We decided this because it contain scenes of strong violence and unacceptable behaviour which we feel may influence the younger generation. Secondly, our film contains strong language such as swearing. Additionally, within the film there are drugs and the use of a kitchen knife as a weapon for murder. We feel that young children may be very frightened of this and also may possibly try to imitate the behaviour i.e using a knife as a weapon or replicate the swearing used in this film. On the other hand, the audience ages 15 and over are more mature and know not to be influenced by the violence or the strong language portrayed in the film.

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