Thursday, 13 October 2011

In the first picture, we can see james bond in the centre of the frame which is infact a sniper/gun hole. This shows the importance of his chacter. Also the blood dripping from the top shows the violence.
The second picture shows a name in the centre again drawing our attension, and also there are spades in the background showing maybe a fiml to do with cards.
The third picture shows the title of the fiml in the middle of the shot in clear font.
The fourth picture shows another name with a cartoonised james bond sitting.
The fifth picture shows again a name surrounded by guns. This illustrates the violece in relation to the movie.
The sixth picture shows a group of names but with animation in the background of fighting.
In the seventh, there is again a hand holding a gun with a green colour background with wavey lines.
In the 8th, there is no names but the main focus is on a 7 of hearts, and also a aim mark on the top right corner corner.
Lastly, the ninth shows a name with cartoonised bond in the middle with patterns and waves surroundin him. The font is again white and readable.

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