Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My Preliminary Task Evaluation

This is the shot of the match on match action of when rahul walks through the door. From the rear view of rahul we can see him entering the door, and from the other shot you can clearly see rahul entering the door from my eyes in my point of view.

This is the shot, reverse shot showing the conversion between rahul and I. This camera work is commonly used in alot of conversation scenes.

This is the shot of crossing the corridor from different point of views. The first shot from behind me, this shows location, space and the way he crosses me.

 This is our shot list of our preliminary task which clearly illustrates the numerous different shots and camerawork which were required to produce this video.

Snehal - "No call, no text, where've you been?"
Rahul - "Im sorry, I've been quite busy right now."
Snehal - "Thats not acceptable. You cant delay me like this, I'm on a tight schedule."
Rahul - "I've just been a home, I've got a lot of problems with my family right now."
Snehal - "Still doesn't solve it."
Rahul - "Look I don't wanna argue, lets just go out for a drink. So I'll see you at seven then?"
Snehal - *Nods head, wait for Rahul to leave the room, the sighs in shame.*

What i liked about this task is that we worked really hard together and came up with a range of ideas that were shown within this piece. We managed to film this within half an hour, this was purely becuase we got organised prior to the day and also produced the shotlist/storyboard above to guide us throughout the production.

Things in in which we could have improved were using more effective camerawork from different angles. And also in the shot were rahul enters the door, there is not enough suffient light. This area is slightly dark in the video and is a factor in which we could have made improvements on

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