Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Editing: Enemy Of The State

The main aim of his sequence is to create the sense of tension within the scene and also get the audience more engaged. This sequence employs a few effective techniques to promote tension. Cross-cutting is an editing technique most often used in films to show action occurring at the same time in two different locations. This can suggest the simultaneity of these two actions. Also, suspense may be added by cross-cutting.

Close ups are used in a film to show detail and secondly, indicate the importance of object/person the shot is focused on.

In this close up from the actual film, we see the close up shot of the actor inserting a chip into a reader or drive. This illustrates how important that very chip could be or how significant the information already on there or the informaion about to be strored onto it is. Additionally, the background of this shot is blurred, this further enhances the foreground image the actor inserting the chip; therfore again showing significance.

This is a medium shot also from the film showing   both characters in one shot. The shot has been taken from outisde a barrier/cage. This conveys the idea that are concealed within a small space, this also shows vulnerabilty as portrayed by the cross cutting. A medium shot also depicts emmotion, by looking at their faces emotions, we can clearly see that they are intrigued by something and are looking quiet serious aswell.

3. Choose 15-20 seconds from anywhere in the sequence and describe each shot in detail, explaining its effect / function for the audience, as well as commenting on how the cuts (the editing) add to the meaning.
4. How far does the editing of this sequence fit in with the genre of the thriller? Justify your opinion.

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