Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Silence of the lambs Analysis

Firstly, the music is mainyly played by an orchestra. This has an immediate effect as it is slow, dramatic and has an almost paranormal sound to it. The first shot a medium shot of leafless tree with broad branches, in the background we see clearly more dense forest and trees. Just by the first shot we see that the weather is dull and gloomy, additionally there is a slight mist in the background. The soundtrack really complements this shot well as they both convey the idea of suspense and get the audience engaged.

As the credits rise and camera pans slowly to the left again showing the dense misty forest. The eagle call we hear two times in this opening suqueence indicates that the setting is in a rural place, and also the sound seems to have an echo effect, this gived the impression of a wide open space. After this the camera moves slightly downwars to a long shot of a women surrounded by trees. The first instinct you get is that this girl is alone and something terrible might happen to her. The camera focuses on the women as she pulls herself towards the camera by a rope, she is panting heavily suggesting that she has been involved in some physical activity.

The camera then switches positions onto a medium shot from behhind the women as she joggs through the forest. The camera follows behind her. The soundtrack at this point has increased in texture showing development of the track and also the scene.

Later on in the scene the women comes a climbing frame, this shows us that she was in fact engaged in fitness hence the heavy panting. Just after she finisheds climbing the camera shows amedium shot of the women talkin to someone man perhaps from the FBI and she is told that somebody would like to see someplace else. So she deroutes and joggs away. The soundtrack is now calm slightly calmer and consistent. The camera then does a a ful panoramic shot of her jogging into a police/fbi base where there are other people present.

Moments later, the women comes out of the elavator in a medium shot. The women then walks out of the shot and the camera turns and focuses on the plaque saying behavioral science services and an arrow pointing in the direction of where the women just walked. This shot shows us where she is going or what she may be in terms of profession. The women now snakes through various corridors and the camera follows behind her at the same pace. By this time, the music has stopped and now what we hear is what the woem is hearing: people talking, papers shuffling etc. The camera then depicts match on match action and over the shoulder with the women talking to mr crawford. Within that very scene the women looks at pictures on the wall, they seem to be of some dead people and picture of one house and some leaves. At this moment a slow sad soundtrack starts to play and then stops when she starts to talk with mr crawford. The soundtrack illustrates that those pictures have a deeper meaning to them, perhaps that they have something to do with the women? Or it is something that the movie revolves around?

Overall, in the begging the slow movement of the camera, the soundtrack and the setting give an idea of drama and has a scary feel to it especial with the fog and mist in the forest. The opening sequence builds up tension as we see the scene where she focuses on those pictures which by now, the audience should have realised

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