Monday, 28 November 2011

Research and Planning

This is a brainstorm of our chosen sub genre and our film open ideas. We have drawn a picture at the top to show a rough idea of what our opening shot will be, on the left we have listed different sub genres and different fimls that represent that particular genre.

Our plot summary:
  • There is a phycho main character of whom we have roughly drawn in the picture above.
  • He is lonely, and has a fetish for hair and is a serial killer
  • He has commited several murders, and is wanted by the police.
The main convention of a phychological thriller:
  •  Danger on a mental level, rather than physical
  • One solitary character in mental conflict with their own mind
These two conventions are i have picked present elements which are within our film opening. The phycho character is in fact danger on a mental level and is in fact in conflict with his own mind.

 These are the two themes of this particular genre which i think illustrate our fiml opening:

Perception – A person's own interpretation of the world around him through his senses. Often characters misperceive the world around them, or their perceptions are altered by outside factors within the narrative 

Mind – The human consciousness; the location for personality, thought, reason, memory, intelligence and emotion. The mind is often used as a location for narrative conflict, where characters battle their own minds to reach a new level of understanding or perception.

This screenshot from the film se7en is really inspirational to our group because of the setting. Firstly, it is set in a dark eerie room that looks really old. Secondly, there is very little light entering the room apart from the one lamp. Lastly, when an audience see this shot, they instantly think of a horror/thriller genre and are at the edge of thier seats becuase of the elements i mentioned previously. This is exactly how we want the audience to feel when they see our film opening.

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