Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Analysis of Momento

In the first shot we see a hand holding a square shaped photo. When examining the photo further we see that that it seems to be a blood splatter.This immediately has an effect on me becuase it instantly gives us an indication that this movie could be based on a horror/thirller genre. Also in unison with the shot we can hear non diegetic sound in the background. The sound is slow and mellow, this gives an eerie and gloomy feeling towards the movie. This also enhances the idea of a horror/thriller genre. When observing the credits, we see that the movie title momento is written like this, M O M E N T O. The spacing between each letter spaces the word out and make it bold and broad to stand out. I think this is made like this because its in the centre and wants to grab everyones attension and moreover show its importance.

The shot then comes into a medium shot of a male actor. By observing his face we see that it is slightly bruised, he has two distinct cuts on his cheek. He's holding a camera and wearing a baige colour suit. Yhis shows the audience that this particular chatacter has been through alot recently probably a fight hence the cuts. His facial expression looks quiet serious,this puts the point across that he might be a bad character who drives the story forward.

After this we start to hear digetic sounds as he flashes the camera and hear hin put it away.The camera then focuses on an extreme close up of a part of a wall drenched in blood. An effect has been used here as we see that the blood is not dripping downwards as we expect but it is flowing upwards, its like the tape is being rewinded. Additionally the camera then goes to a cloe up of a bullet, this shows that the bullet has been fired and we can now tell what the movie might to be about. Secondly, the camera gives a close up of some old fashioned glasses next to a wall with blood drip stains on it. This to me is looking like a crimescene were someone was supposedly hurt/murdered.

The shot then turns into a high angled shot of a blonde haired man from the shoulders up lying down still on the floor. We see blood around his head and hes dead. Then suddenly we see a high angled shot of the male actor with the camera standing over the body sticking his arm over the body. From thi high angled shot we see the power this man has and the audicence is aware of this now. As he sticks his hand over the body a gun flies into his hand from the floor, the bullet returns to the gun, he crouches doen next to the body and the dead manis alive and screams. This is complex editing technique is very effective as it shows us what has happened and also makes the audience appreciate the editing. This highly complicated editing technique makes this unique and draws the attension of the audience.

In conclusion, the opening sequence is very interesting with its uses of diegetic/non diegetic sounds, camera angles, shots and editing. All these factors contribute towards creating tension and suspense within the audience.I think the producers/directors have successfully achieved there main aim of this movie to create a tense atmosphere and get the audience hooked to the film.

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