Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Genre Film Conventions - NICCS

Bourne Identity

Narrative: It Is a typical chase narrative, where somebody is being chased or trying to be captured because of what he’s done or what he has. The storyline definitely depicts action as seen by the violence portrayed within the trailer. The structure is typically planning to find to track him down, then actually people go out to search for him.

Iconography: Things within the trailer that depicts action are fighting scenes, hit and run violent driving, glass shattereing. The presence and use of guns, the sound of cars skidding on the road are things we also expect in this type of genre.

Characters: Matt Damon (Victim, highly trained detective)

Camerawork: lots of close ups of matt, sweeping paoramic shots of setting. Also some extreme close ups of important physical actions.

Settings: City, snowy forest, hotels, offices

Just go with it

Narrative: This film is a comedy - romance genre. They storyline is tpical of a rom-com as it has love and romance between characters, aditionally the trailer contains funny scenes which enhance the comedy side of this genre.

Iconography: Two characters who have fallen for eachother but something is resgtricting thier relationship from going further. Romantic scenes, comedy scenes. Also what we expect to see is that the relationship works out in the end.

Characters: Adam Sandler and Jeniffer Aniston, these are the characters that were together and now has found somebody else.

Camerawork Medium and close ups of the characters in romance. Over the shoulder, low angle and long shots are used repeatedly.

Settings: Beach, classroom, restaurant

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